Current Cresheim Trail

The Friends of the Cresheim Trail have built a sustainable, natural surface trail within  Fairmount Park. This built portion of the trail can be accessed from Lincoln Drive & Allens Lane, Emlen Street at Cresheim Road (where it connects with other Wissahickon trails), and at three points on Cresheim Road. It is a popular area for dog walkers and mountain bikers. The trail is shown in white on the map below. The Cresheim Trail is also on Google Maps. Link is here.

Proposed Cresheim Trail

The Proposed Cresheim Trail will connect multiple communities in Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. Utilizing primarily old railroad rights-of-way, the Cresheim Trail will provide a safe, off-road alternative to high speed local roads for transportation, recreation and connecting with neighbors.

Thanks to Mike Szilaygi for this map of the proposed trail section.