Here are links to articles about the Cresheim Trail:

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Partner Spotlight: Friends of the Cresheim Trail  January 23, 2018 [Friends of the Wissahickon]

Cresheim Trail Bridge Project Clears Key Political Hurdle  December 11, 2017 [Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia]

City Seeks Bridge Lease to Complete Cresheim Trail 

SPRINGFIELD EAC: What’s afoot with local trails?   May 14, 2018 [Springfield Sun]

Plans for 9-mile trail through Wissahickon stumble over section of Germantown Avenue August 13, 2014 [Alan Jaffe, Newsworks]

Mount Airy trestle stalls trail plan July 27, 2014 [Diane Mastrull, Philadelphia Inquirer]

City to transform long-abandoned Northwest Philly trestle into recreation path November 26, 2013 [Aaron Moselle, Newsworks]

Trails Don’t Build Themselves October 29, 2013 [Steve Taylor, Philly Pedals]

Cresheim Trail Project moves forward … slowly May 22, 2012 [Casey Capello, Chestnut Hill Local]

Work on Cresheim Trail resumes May 2, 2012 [Alaina Mabaso, Newsworks]

New project would create 8-mile trail April 5, 2012 [Alaina Mabaso, Newsworks]

New Year’s Resolution: connecting the city and its suburbs with a trail January 9, 2012 [Andrew Sharpe, Kite Flyer]

Trail advocates to appear before township May 28, 2009 [Nick Malinowski, Springfield Sun]

Cresheim Trail study released. Now what? February 7, 2008 [Joe Barron, Springfield Sun]

Neighbors oppose Creshiem Trail October 4, 2007 [Kristin Pazulski , Chestnut Hill Local]

Trail draws opposition as feasibility studied October 4, 2007 [Joe Barron, Springfield Sun]

Two meetings on Cresheim Trail scheduled September 20, 2007 [Joe Barron, Springfield Sun]

Board splits on trail concept November 16, 2006 [Joe Barron, Springfield Sun]

Residents rally against trail proposal August 18, 2006 [Joe Barron, Springfield Sun]

Project initiated by area citizens August 18, 2006 [Joe Barron, Springfield Sun]

Details of trail proposal offered June 22, 2006 [Joe Barron, Springfield Sun]

Lots see lots of talk May 31, 2006 [Kyle Schulz, Springfield Sun]

Friends of Cresheim Trail seek funds for feasibility study August 5, 2004 [Ed Mahon, Chestnut Hill Local]

Friends of Cresheim take first step in extending trail June 24, 2004 [unsigned, Chestnut Hill Local