Introducing the Cresheim Trail Campaign


Introducing… the CRESHEIM TRAIL CAMPAIGN. Fundraising campaign, that is.

From now till the end of September, Friends of the Cresheim Trail humbly asks for your support as we raise funds for the necessary next steps of taking the Cresheim Trail into its next phase — across the bridge at Germantown Avenue and farther out the old railroad corridor toward Stenton Avenue and Montgomery County. 

Our fundraiser, Among Friends, is planned for Friday, September 22nd, 5–7pm at Chestnut Hill Mermaid Park (7645 Germantown Ave), and we invite you to join us for a get-together to talk trail and enjoy beverages from Chestnut Hill Brewing Company. (BYO picnic — the space is perfect for that!) But if you can’t make it, you can still… DONATE HERE.

Cresheim Trail volunteer and donor Rick Hock, pictured with former FOCT president of the board Susan Dannenberg

To kick off the Cresheim Trail Campaign today, FOCT owes a debt of gratitude to Mt. Airy’s own, Dr. Rick S. Hock, who’s begun the campaign with a $1,000 donation and an invitation to match it. Rick is a longtime volunteer with like-minded organizations like Friends of the Wissahickon and West Mt. Airy Neighbors, in addition to FOCT. With WMAN, Rick has assisted with the creation of the Mt. Airy Ecolab, a major collaborative effort at SEPTA’s Carpenter Station to create a community resource hub around nature-based play, cultivate food, and our urban ecosystem. 

His donation here is an invitation to join in the care for the existing Cresheim Trail network and carry the momentum into the next phases with a tax-deductible contribution. Join him and DONATE HERE.

FOCT is extremely grateful for your support as we look to build on what we’ve done over our first decade and keep looking to the future.

PLEASE NOTE: We’ve noticed some issues with the custom donation option ($0.00) on the desktop version of Chrome, but all other browsers and all mobile testing has worked.