Sept 2022: Springfield Township Trails Plan

As you probably know, the ultimate goal for the Cresheim Trail is to connect Philadelphia’s Wissahickon Valley Park to Fort Washington State Park in Montgomery County (pictured here, where a bridge built by the Pennsylvania Railroad will make that final connection).

There are currently about two and a half miles of trail in Philly between Allens Lane and Germantown Avenue, with future phases to continue to Stenton Avenue, a small power line segment through Cheltenham Township, and finally through Springfield Township on the way to Fort Washington.

There’s still work to do to put the pieces together, and you can help. Springfield Township is developing a community-wide trails plan, and the Cresheim Trail will be a central part of it. This Thursday (9/29), there will be an in-person public meeting about trails, 7pm at the Free Library of Springfield Township (8900 Hawthorne Ln). You can also take the Trail Plan Survey or use the Wikimapping Tool to leave comments.

Then on Sunday (10/2), Friends of the Cresheim Trail will be at Springfield Township Community Day, 10am–1pm at Cisco Park (Montgomery Ave btwn Bethlehem Pike and Paper Mill Road). Show your support for the Cresheim Trail by participating in the planning process outlined above, then stop by and say hi next Sunday at Community Day.