Trail Walk – Progress begins.

This morning I went off to check the progress on the trail after this weekend’s work day and thought I’d share it with you all.  I started off at neighborhood coffee and crepe joint High Point Cafe @ the Allen Lane SEPTA stop. Iced coffee in hand, I headed down Allens Lane to the Lincoln Drive trail head.  The gate is rather unassuming.  A good portion of the work day was spent weeding this area to  uncover the gate. The first section is a bit of a connector getting you from West Mt. Airy down to Cresheim Valley and connecting you to the Wissahickon or the future Cresheim Trail Walking through I headed across Cresheim Rd. to the eastern part of the trail Wild berries have set fruit. Flowering bushes (trying to figure out if this one is native or invasive, give a shout if you can identify this one)

A haunted floating leaf… It’s on a spider web, it’s clearly web season and I’d recommend a hat or you’ll be picking webs off your head all day like me.

The first section of trail will be following along the never opened section Lincoln Drive. If you look closely you can find the curbing. Currently the trail is built up to and stops at SEPTA’s Chestnut Hill West Line bridge (AKA the R8). But don’t worry, to allow a somewhat more meaningful use until we get to the next section we have built a loop connecting the future Cresheim Trail to trails that have been blazed by community neighbors and dog walkers.  If you follow the trail right and up the hill it will bring you to a fork where you can either go left and it will bring you up to the intersection of Allens Lane and Creshiem Road.

Or right which will loop you back to the Cresheim Trail crossover on Cresheim Rd.

From here I headed down the Lincoln/Cresheim section to the intersection of Cresheim Rd and Emlen St/Cresheim Valley Dr.  

Then I cut over to Surprise Lake before cutting across Cresheim Valley and taking the St. Martin’s Lane bridge into Chestnut Hill.

So the trail is slowly moving ahead.  Look for Getting from Here to There posts in the future that will feature areas of interest that you can get to using the Cresheim Trail.